Here is how to play:


  1. You must post on NHF Idaho's Facebook page what you did that  week to get into shape.

(Max of three posts per week, per family)

If you are not a friend of NHF Idaho on Facebook, look us up at  Idaho Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation

Example of how to get points:

  •  Made a great meal (Eating Healthy) Post the picture of the meal or share the recipe.
  •  Made it to the gym (Getting into shape) Tell us what you did.
  •  Kiddos played in a sports game (Kids getting exercise) Post a  picture or just tell us about the  game.
  • And Lots More   

  2.    This is for ages 5 and up so Mom's & Dad's, Grandma's & Grandpa's  you are welcome to post  pictures or just say your name or kids name and what you did.  

How to Win:

  1.  For every post you get a point, the person with the most points come December 1, 2017  will win $100 Cash. In the event of a tie we will have a drawing.
  2. Want extra points? Log into and look for ways you can get free points and earn extra points.

We want to hear what you are doing to get into shape.